The MVP Process

The Four Quadrants of Maximizing Your Performance

The Assessment

If You're Not Assessing, You're Guessing

When training baseball players, the most important part is the assessment. It allows the coaches to get a starting point with each pitcher with measurable findings. The coaches use these finding to create a “roadmap” for the athlete to get to their goals. All athletes are different and need to be assessed and trained as individuals.

The Mechanics

There's Absolutes, and Then There's Style

Three key factors for increased performance: Kinematic Sequence and timing of events during pitching and hitting, balance and posture throughout the delivery, and the ability to repeat mechanics from one pitch or swing to another. MVP will allow you to keep your individual style while maximizing your performance through the key absolutes of the essential pitching and hitting mechanics.

The Strength

Bigger, Stronger, Smarter

All Strength and Conditioning Programs are not created equal. MVP has created the Functional Baseball Program that will increase velocity as well as decrease injuries throughout the season. Baseball is a power sport and becoming a strong, balanced athlete will have the radar gun lighting up!

The Fuel

You Can’t Out-Play a Bad Diet 

Nutrition is one of the most overlooked elements of baseball. An athlete's weight will dictate velocity and a solid diet will only help an athlete get to the next level. MVP helps each player reach his nutrition goal to develop their maturating body.


Fundamental Movement Patterns

An athlete must be able to perform certain movement pattern to stay pain free and continue to see success on the field.


Absolutes of Baseball & Softball

All players should be able to perform the MVP's Absolutes of Baseball & Softball Pitching. After that, it's all style!


Build Explosive Strength

Not all Strength and Conditioning Programs are created equal. All athelets are different, their program should be specialized too.

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