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I met Lou through my travel team Dupage Training Academy. He was the pitching coach that we were accessible to during the week before our travel season started. Before the year started I was a hard throwing pitcher with an extreme accuracy problem. After a few sessions with Lou I noticed a lot of improvements. Just two or three sessions led to the two best pitching seasons of my entire life, and allowed me to continue my career continuing at Minnesota state university.  I owe Lou a lot more then I can ever pay him. He has helped get to my prime mechanical and physical peak.

Christian Howell - Minnesota State

The instructors at MVP are remarkable. We have had them work with our Illinois Storm team several times over the last couple of seasons and the instruction they receive is the best. They break it down step by step, position by position and all of our boys improved drastically over those several weeks. The transition to the larger field was a challenge for us as our boys truly didn't understand cuts & relays. They broke down the assignments, the situations and the communication required to advance. We improved drastically both defensively and offensively this past season and we owe a great deal to the MVP instructors.

John Natanek - Coach/Parent

I played for Lou Simios for two years at Benedictine University. When I came into college, I was very raw and Lou was able to mold me into a pitcher that could throw 3 pitches at the college level. Through a lot of drills, mechanical work, and throwing programs, I was able to see quick, direct results from the different things he had me try. He’s very good with staying up to date on new ideas for anything pitching related and he understands that not every pitcher is the same. I was fortunate enough to move up to the D1 level after Benedictine and Lou definitely played a big part in that. I recommend him to pitchers of all ages.

Pat Cashman - Southeastern Louisiana

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