Top Tier South Uniform Ordering - 8U

Welcome to the uniform ordering page for the 8u Top Tier South team. Utilizing the size selections you made at the recent fitting day and the fitting sheet as a reference, please purchase the items needed to outfit your son for the upcoming 23' season for Top Tier South. Hats were fitted previously and if you do not know your son's size please add to cart the size you believe he was sized in and we will verify / correct the sizing on the back side of your order, if needed.

Please make sure to purchase the items that are designated with the red label in the left hand corner of the image stating "Required for Team Uniform Package". Items not containing this label are optional purchases and not required to outfit your son for the upcoming season but are highly suggested if they do not have one from last season or if your son is new to the program. Specifically, the Helmet and Bat Bag are highly suggested if the player does not already have one and the items available on the ordering page are the same items that were supplied last season.

Please note: Due to lead times on the hats, the player's hats have already been ordered and is the reason why hats were sized earlier than the rest of the uniform items. With that said, if you purchase additional hats, for parents or to have additional hats for players, there is no guarantee that we can fulfill that order in a timely manner. It would be best to purchase additional hats on spirit gear ordering if and when available. In regards to other items on this ordering page, you are welcome to purchase additional pants (suggest to order at least 2 pairs), socks, belts and other item you may see a need to have an additional supply of for your player. Ordering these items now would be the best opportunity to get any extras needed in a timely manner for next season.

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